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A Hard Week

I’m not going to lie, this first full week at work has been tough. There have been days where I’ve been nothing but positive and I’ve been able to ward off any negative, emetophobic thoughts, but there have been days when it’s gotten the better of me and it’s been hard and frustrating.


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Emetophobia & Me

A blog about sick – yay, just what you all wanted to read, right?! Don’t worry, that’ll be the last mention of the word. I struggle with reading or even writing the words as it can trigger my anxiety so I’ll keep the rest of this post and my blog as trigger free as I can. This means you’ll probably come across a lot of “s*” and “v*” etc.

Let’s be honest, no one likes s*. It’s horrible. I’ve never met anyone who says otherwise and I don’t think you will ever find anyone who does… Continue Reading