A Brief Introduction

Hello and thank you for taking the time to visit my blog!

My name is Emily and I live in Cheshire with my fiancé, Benji – our German Shepherd cross and Heisenberg – our African Pygmy hedgehog (yes, I have a pet hedgehog – I’ll talk about him later!)

I wanted to start a blog to document my life and the struggles I face daily living with emetophobia, anxiety and mild OCD. I wanted to do this first and foremost for myself, so that I can look back on things and (hopefully) see how far I’ve come. But I also wanted to do this to help others. I’m hoping that some of my experiences, thoughts and feelings will resonate with others so that they don’t feel like they’re alone and that someone else understands how they’re feeling.

I’ll do posts about other things I’m sure, things such as documenting holidays and days out and also my wedding planning! I’ll do a separate post about my emetophobia soon as it’ll most likely be a long one, but I just wanted to briefly introduce myself and let you know the types of things you can expect to hear from me.

I’m a complete beginner at blogging so if anyone has any tips or suggestions, please reach out – I’d be very grateful for any help I can get!

Emily x

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